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Your first line of defense when SHTF. Tough and ultra-reliable by design, our AR pistols have uncommon quality, endurance and service life.

Our Products

The current lineup of pistols we offer are chambered in .22LR Training*, .223/5.56, 300 AAC Blackout and new for 2014, 9mm Luger. We can custom manufacture other calibers on a special order basis in small quantities, often with no extra charge. We only manufacture semi-auto AR style pistols using mil-spec parts and fanatical QC. We use tough billet parts and hand assemble each weapon for precision fit and quality.

Our mil-spec parts mean that you are familiar with the platform and can clean, disassemble and repair with confidence. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not use propritary parts that lock you in to their supply chain. Your armorer can use Mil-spec parts already in stock to maintain your platform.

Order minimums are 5 units for complete guns, 1 unit for parts and 2 units uppers. Main lower casting only is a 20 unit minimum and must ship to an FFL.

* The .22LR training upper is for tactics training only. You should not deploy this caliber in actual live scenarios.


Targeted Users

⊕ Law Enforcement
⊕ Military
⊕ Civilian Security Forces
⊕ Bulk purchase FFL's
⊕ We do not export outside the USA nor do we sell fully automatic weapons.
⊕ All gun sales conducted through local FFL's



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